/ Utstilling på Technoport

FRIrom ble sammen med prosjektet Tagpuro waiting shed på Filippinene, presentert gjennom en utstilling på Technoport 2015 som ble avholdt 18. og 19. mars i Trondheim. Technoport er «Trondheims møteplass for innovasjon» og årets tema var entreprenørskap. Utstillingen var delt inn i 6 tematiske overskrifter som blant annet diskuterte motivasjonen for oss som arkitekter til å gjøre slike «frivillige» prosjekter, kontekst, produksjon, brukermedvirkning og ikke minst entreprenørskap.

FRIrom was presented through an exhibition at Technoport 2015 – Trondheim`s meeting place for innovation – the 18th and 19th of Mars. The exhibition consisted of 6 issues; Intention, Context, User insight, Production, Use and Entrepreneurship.


«Our work with FRIrom has made us see our discipline in a new perspective. It has been particularly instructive for us to have several roles during the process. In addition to being architects, we worked to inspire commitment and give ownership to the leaders of the hospital, the clinics and the potential users. We needed to generate a project from the very beginning, coordinate all the involved disciplines, make all the decisions and adapt the project to the limited budget we had. In the end we founded an non-profit organization that takes care of the operating expenses of the pavilion.

It was a challenging process as students, but gave us an opportunity we will seldom get again.

Maren Storihle Ødegård and Sunniva Huus Nordbø»


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